In its 140-year history, Hitotsubashi University has continuously produced leaders in industry, government, and academia. Today, the ever-expanding sophistication of business knowledge and the spread of globalization demands new leaders with modern financial knowledge and business acumen.

The HUB-SBA has answered this demand in its Financial Strategy / Management Finance course, which began in 2000.

From our Chiyoda Campus, close to Otemachi or Marunouchi, Tokyo, the center of the Japanese financial industry, we produce global leaders with unparalleled financial knowledge and the expanded perspectives required in a changing business world.

Our Financial Strategy Program is an evening course.
Professionals who are thriving in various industries including manufacturing, information technology, media as well as finance are learning at our Program while working.

We welcome students with diverse backgrounds.
Learning together with students having different backgrounds such as industries, careers, age, nationalities improves learning efficiency and would be an invaluable asset in their career development.

Our students include those who aim at obtaining advanced asset management methods to further develop their careers in the financial industry, wish to deepen the comprehensive understanding of risk management academically while being involved in it practically, pursue their career as a finance professional at corporations to become a CFO, seek to understand a mechanism to create corporate values in depth while working on M&A projects, plan to move into the financial industry by learning advanced quantitative methods taking advantage of their science and engineering background, and aspire to start their own business with a combination of FinTech and their experience in corporations. All of them are successfully carving out their careers after completing our Program.

Our Program offers two degree courses, Master's Course and Doctoral Course. Master's Course develops global leaders equipped with profound knowledge of finance and broad perspective and confer an MBA degree. Doctoral Course fosters researchers having knowledge and expertise to pursue cutting-edge research on finance, enabling students to obtain a Ph.D.